Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IN TOO DEEP - NC17 mini taster...

For connoisseurs of the old UATW scene... Professor Hottie McHotstuff and Gwen the buxom librarian get busy in the mop cupboard...


We step inside and the foyer is deserted and cool, smelling of floor polish. Again comes the thorny question of handshake, hug, kiss, or more, but suddenly there are voices from above and the sound of feet on the open staircase leading upwards.

Expecting him to step away from me and begin some kind of fabricated conversation, I catch my breath when Daniel glances quickly around, then grabs me by the hand and hauls me into the little maintenance alcove tucked away at the back of the foyer, beyond the staircase. It doubles back on itself, and contains assorted cleaning equipment – mops and buckets and watering cans for building’s ornamental potted plants.

The voices are in the hall now, and so I can’t cry out and protest when Daniel edges me backward, against the wall, moving deep into my personal space and owning it completely. His left hand shoots out, cupping the back of my neck as he pulls my face to his and presses his lips on mine. While his tongue possesses my mouth, that tricky right hand of his is back on my thigh, sliding, sliding, rubbing the fabric of my skirt against my skin.

His mouth is voracious, compelling me to open mine and accept his tongue. The taste of his tongue makes my pussy flutter and yearn for his cock. Its thrusting action is blatant, delicious, intoxicating. I try to give back as good as I’m getting but he’s a tyrant, he subdues me, he’s in control.

And it’s not just with his mouth.

He’s not an awesomely tall man, but he’s got power, and momentum, and a hunger to match my own. He drives me back against the wall, only just avoiding us cannoning into a galvanised mop bucket and making a huge commotion.

As I hit the plaster, his hand whips down, then up again, sliding my skirt right up my thighs and admitting his fingers between my legs in the space of a heartbeat.

I gasp, but the inhalation draws his breath into my mouth. I feel as if his spirit rushes in with it, another possession to match the invasion of his tongue.

And his fingers.


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Stacy~ said...

Portia! How could you leave us hanging like that, you naughty girl?! Definitely like the sound of it, and must find out what happens next.

Contessica said...

Teaser! I want more now - Damn know I have to wait grrr.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Okay, I'll bite. What's UATW?

Fun excerpt, and it sounds like a fun book, per usual!

Hugs from Lisabet

Portia Da Costa said...

I'll try and post a bit more soon... to keep you going until September/October! :)

Hi Lisabet! UATW = up against the wall ;)